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Adidas stock in Tokyo

Many years ago passes since that time when Adidas sneakers were open to every John or Jurgen. Today to get rare Adidas trainers is almost imposible even if you live in Germany or USA. But yesterday my friend Rico send me a pic from Tokyo. Japanese sneaker-freakers are so fucking fat that even this stuff could not touch their fashion minds! On the pic you can see quite rare releases of such models as

  • Adidas Franker
  • Adidas Nizza
  • Adidas ZX8000
  • limited Adidas Superstar
  • Adidas Forest Hills
  • Adidas Reno
  • Adidas Malmo
  • Adidas Micropacer
  • Adidas Indoor
  • Adidas Portland

Most of them were released as extremely rare stuff and their number of pairs all over the world is less than 500. Every sneaker head is sure that such sneakers are off from free sale, we can get them only from resellers for crazy price. But in Tokyo we can see absolutely polar situation. But it will be more effective to show you this picture than try to understand why all the best goes to Japan. Can you answer? Do it after enjoying photo.

adidas frenker indoor malmo portland