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Adidas ATP

Adidas ATP Classic Tennis Low Top

One of examples of famous tennis line.
White leather low top shoes with multicolored lines.
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Adidas Brown Suede Unnamed

Adidas vintage shoes.
Brown suede and leather.
Does anyone know the name of this model?


Adidas White Baskets Vintage

Adidas White Blue Baskets Vintage

I cant remember the name of this model. Seems like Associations but there are some differences. White leather with navy. Great basketball high top kicks.

Adidas White Baskets Vintage basketball

Adidas White Baskets Vintage hitop

Adidas White Baskets Vintage sole

Adidas White Baskets Vintage basket shoes

Adidas White Baskets Vintage kicks

Adidas White Baskets Vintage trainer

Adidas White Baskets Vintage

Adidas Falcon

Adidas Falcon 90s Runners

Adidas training shoes from 90s. Orange and white stash, huge outsole. Adidas adiPRENE system.

Adidas Falcon running

Adidas Falcon training shoe

Adidas Falcon 90s

Adidas Falcon kicks

Adidas Falcon trainer

Adidas Falcon runner

Adidas Pathfinder

Adidas Pathfinder Retro Shoes

This brown nubuck vintage moccasin is named Adidas Pathfinder. Came from 60s or 70s, it’s usual style for those times. They are still in great condition, one more prove of the fantastic Adidas quality.

Adidas Pathfinder vintage

Adidas Pathfinder comfort shoes

Adidas Pathfinder casual shoes

Adidas Pathfinder low top

Adidas Pathfinder sole

Adidas Nick Bollettieri

Adidas Nick Bollettieri Court Shoes

These tennis trainers are inspired by the great tennis player and coach Nick Bollettieri. There is also his signature on them. Made in Czechoslovakia in 1992.

Adidas Nick Bollettieri tennis shoe

Adidas Nick Bollettieri low top

Adidas Nick Bollettieri trainer

Adidas Nick Bollettieri sole

Adidas Nick Bollettieri kicks

Adidas Tauern

Adidas Tauern Trekking Boots

Grey boot for trekking and hiking. Adidas Tauern boots are from early 1980s. Great quality leather and suede panels.

Adidas Tauern trekking

Adidas Tauern hiker

Adidas Tauern sole

Adidas Tauern hiking

Adidas Tauern boots