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Asics Duomax

Asics Duomax Runner

This is the first, the classic Asics Duomax running shoes. Duomax technology had been changed a lot from the 90s to nowadays.

Asics Duomax running shoes

Asics Duomax trainers

Asics Duomax outsole

Asics Duomax 90s

Asics Duomax kicks

Asics Duomax runners

Asics Duomax

Asics Gel 66

Asics Gel 66 Running Shoe

Firstly they was released in 1993. I don’t know how much colorways of Asics Gel 66 exist but I found two of them. I would like to buy them if Asics decide to reissue this model.

Asics Gel 66 trainer

Asics Gel 66 running shoes

Asics Gel 66 runner

Asics Gel 66 kicks

Asics Gel 66 vintage

Asics Gel Lyte 3 1991

Asics Gel Lyte 3 1991 Runner

The vintage pair of Gel Lyte lll from the beginning of 90s. Unusual colorway fo grey, khaki, lime and white make them very fresh for those times, don’t you agree?

Asics Gel Lyte 3 1991 trainer

Asics Gel Lyte 3 1991 running shoes

Asics Gel Crusher

Asics Gel Crusher Handball Shoes

The vintage releases of Asics Gel Crusher model. Early 90s I think. They must be great for handball, tennis or volleyball. This model is popular now but they are not so powerful as the vintage ones are.

Asics Gel Crusher training

Asics Gel Crusher tennis

Asics Gel Crusher kicks

Asics Gel Crusher sole

Asics Gel Crusher vintage

Asics Gel Crusher court shoes

Asics Gel Crusher

Asics Gel Crusher low top

Asics Gel Crusher outsole

Asics Gel Crusher trainer

Asics Gel Cross

Asics Gel Cross 1991 Court Shoes

Cute tennis trainer from 1991. All system trainers were popular in 90s but this model is my favourite one. Also I found advertisement with these kicks.

Asics Gel Cross 1991 trainer

Asics Gel Cross 1991 box

Asics Gel Cross ads

Asics Gel BL753

Asics Gel BL753 Running Shoes

They are from 90s. Made in China, but looks quite well. Good choice for running or tennis. This is the first and the only release of BL753.

Asics Gel BL753 training shoes

Asics Gel BL 753

Asics Gel BL753 trainer

Asics Gel BL753 kicks

Asics Gel BL753 outsole

Asics Gel BL753 vintage

Asics Gel BL753

Asics Gel Aerobic Hitop

Asics Gel Aerobic Hitop Shoes

These hgh top shoes are named Asics Gel Aerobic but they also are good for b-ball and fashion of 90s. White colour with purple, black and beige details make them quite fresh.

Asics Gel Aerobic Hitop trainer

Asics Gel Aerobic Hitop kicks

Asics Gel Aerobic Hitop shoes

Asics Gel Aerobic Hitop sole