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Asics Cheerleaders

Asics Cheerleaders Shoes

The old one of Asics Cheer footwear line. These Asics Cheelreader are white and red, I suggest they are from middle 90s. Looks like Nike Cortez with their own authencity.

Asics Cheerleaders shoe

Asics Cheerleaders

Asics Cheerleaders trainer

Asics Cheerleaders runners

Asics Cheerleaders sole

Asics Cheerleaders

Asics Gel Tsunami

Asics Gel Tsunami 1996 Low Top

White, black and navy Asics Gel Tsunami from 1996. They were prefered by tennis players, but also are good for walking.

Asics Gel Tsunami trainer

Asics Gel Tsunami box

Asics Gel-125

Asics Gel-125 1996 Trainer

White-black gel trainer for tennis, running or GYM.
Very huge sole.
I can’t find anymore information about Asics Gel-125 so it must be the only colorway of this model from 90s.

Asics Gel-125 1996 training shoes

Asics Gel-125 1996 box

Asics Gel-Bad Karma

Asics Gel Bad Karma 1994

Very strange name of these mid top kicks doesn’t make them ugly.
Asics Bad Karma for people with good karma :)
Black nubuck with white details, in 1994 these sneakers were very fresh.

Asics Gel-Bad Karma 1994 mid top

Asics Gel-Bad Karma 1994 tennis shoes

Asics Gel-Bad Karma 1994 box

Asics Tiger Spiker

Asics Tiger Spiker Trainer

Here is Asics Tiger Spiker in white colour with light grey Asics logo. Nice trainer for court. Made in Taiwan in 90s.

Asics Tiger Spiker low top

Asics Tiger Spiker trainers

Asics Tiger Spiker box

Asics Gel Saga 1990

Asics Gel Saga 1990s

Asics Gel Saga 1990 OG

Asics Gel Saga 1990s sneaker

Asics Gel Saga 1990s runners

Asics Gel Saga 1990s trainers

Asics Gel Saga 1990s sole

Asics Gel Saga 1990s tracking

Asics Gel Saga 1990s low top

Asics Gel Saga 1990s box

Asics Gel Saga 1990s

Asics Gel Saga 1990s vintage

Asics Gel Saga 1990 running shoe

Asics Gel Saga 1990 runner

Asics Gel Saga 1990 sole

Asics Gel Attack MT

Asics Gel Attack MT

Asics Gel Attack MT mid top kicks

Asics Gel Attack MT shoes

Asics Gel Attack MT sole

Asics Gel Attack MT sneakers