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Converse Aero Jet RS2

Converse Aero Jet RS2 Vintage Hi Cut Kicks

The child of 94-95′. Suede basketball hitop kicks with mesh tongue by Cons. Black grey CW. ART 14905. Korean made. Check the video with them:

Converse Aero Jet RS2 basket shoes

Converse Aero Jet RS2 sneakers

Converse Aero Jet RS2 basketball

Converse Aero Jet RS2 kicks

Converse Aero Jet RS2 sole

Converse Aero Jet RS2 box

Converse Skyrider

Converse Skyrider Basket Shoes

One of Cons React family. The box says Converse Skyrider Mid. Suede uppers. Black-white-purple CW. Converse star on both sides. China made, SN 16767.

Converse Skyrider basket shoes

Converse Skyrider kicks

Converse Skyrider sneakers

Converse Skyrider sole

Converse Skyrider box

Converse Enterprise

Converse Enterprise Runners

Running shoes by Converse. Leather upper, nylon tongue. All grey CW. A8963 serial number. Came from early 90s.

Converse Enterprise running shoe

Converse Enterprise trainer

Converse Enterprise runner

Converse Enterprise kicks

Converse Enterprise sole

Converse Enterprise box

Converse Cons 500 Classic

Converse Cons 500 Classic

Low top version of famous Cons 500. Leather sneakers for basketball. White navy colorway. 15703 ART. Yhe beggining of 90s, somewhere in Korea. Also see these Cons 500

Converse Cons 500 Classic sneakers

Converse Cons 500 Classic basket shoes

Converse Cons 500 Classic kicks

Converse Cons 500 Classic sole

Converse Cons 500 Classic box

Converse Accelerator

Converse Accelerator RS1 Hitop

Made in 1991. Cons React system. Black-grey CW. Suede upper, nylon tongue. Kevin Joghson on the tag. Made in Taiwan.

Converse Accelerator RS1 kicks

Converse Accelerator RS1 basket shoes

Converse Accelerator RS1 high top

Converse Accelerator sole

Converse Accelerator RS1 box

Converse Accelerator RS1 ads

Converse Cons ERX 150

Converse Cons ERX 150 Basketball

Converse Cons ERX 150 training shoe

Converse Cons ERX 150 b-ball

Converse Cons ERX 150

Converse Cons ERX 150 kicks

Converse Cons ERX150 Basket Low Top

Converse Cons ERX 150 basket shoe

Converse Cons ERX 150 hitop

Converse Cons ERX 150 shoes

Converse Cons ERX 150 sneakers

Converse Cons ERX 150 sole

Converse Cons ERX 150 box

Converse Brown Jack Purcell Vintage

Converse Jack Purcell Vintage Leather

Converse Brown Jack Purcell Vintage sneaker

Converse Brown Jack Purcell Vintage low top

Converse Brown Jack Purcell Vintage trainer

Converse Brown Jack Purcell Vintage shoes