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Duffs 2011 Footwear

Duffs 2011 Footwear Collection

Photos of presentation of spring-summer collection by Duffs. Various styles of sneakers, low tops and mid tops.

Duffs 2011 Footwear collezione

Duffs 2011 Footwear sneakers

Duffs 2011 Footwear

Duffs 2011 Footwear shoes

Duffs 2011 Footwear

Duffs 2011 Footwear presentation

Duffs 2011 Footwear

Duffs 2011 Footwear release

Duffs 2011 Footwear

Duffs 2011 Footwear kicks

Duffs 2011 Footwear

Duffs 2011 Footwear collection

Duffs Yawger

Duffs Yawger Runners

Runner style shoes by Duffs. Comfortable casual running trabs for active people.
Suede and nylon materials.
Now available next CWs: brown, red, navy and black.
ART number D388.

Duffs Yawger sneaker

Duffs Vent

Duffs Vent Skate Shoe

Usual style for skateboarding shoe, massive and thick. Duffs Performance series. Suede and mesh. Grey and red colors.

Duffs Vent sneakers

Duffs Twist

Duffs Twist Skate

All possible C/Ws of Twist model by Duffs Skateboarding. All of them are made from suede. Red-black-grey, black-azurre-yellow, pure black and maroon-brown colorways.

Duffs Twist low

Duffs Twist skate shoes

Duffs Twist kicks

Duffs Twist sneaker

Duffs Tierra

Duffs Tierra Trainer

Low top sneaker made from vegan leather. Black-red, grey and pure black CWs. D386 style. Vulcanized leather, sleek style.

Duffs Tierra low top

Duffs Tierra shoes

Duffs Tierra

Duffs Tema

Duffs Tema Skateboarding

Classic style of skateboarding shoes in 1990s. Patrol style in two words. Two kinds of colourway: black-grey-yellow and only black. Duffs Perfomance line of footwear.

Duffs Tema kicks

Duffs Tema skate shoes

Duffs Swiss-Tech

Duffs Swiss-Tech Sneaker

Special technology inside outsole named Swiss-Tech. They are from beginning of 2000s. White-gray suede-leather with small logo low top shoes, old rapper style. Fluorescent elements is unusual for such kind of shoes.

Duffs Swiss-Tech running shoe

Duffs Swiss-Tech runners