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Duffs Swerve

Duffs Swerve Low

Suede trainers with leather Swerve stripe on them. Some different colorways are black-white, black-red and blue-grey. Sleek sole, will looking good with jeans.

Duffs Swerve skateboarding

Duffs Swerve kicks

Duffs Swerve shoes

Duffs Swerve trainer

Duffs Sweeper

Duffs Sweeper Trainer

Classic skateboarding shoes on flat sole. Suede black with some white. I can’t find out any more colorways of this model so it must be the only one. Nice choice for amateur skateboarder.

Duffs Sweeper trainer

Duffs Sweeper low top

Duffs Spider

Duffs Spider Skate Shoes

Another boarding trainer by Duffs. Vintage grey and some red details. Suede and stash materials, thick outsole. Good for skateboarding.

Duffs Spider skateboarding

Duffs Sequence

Duffs Sequence Skateboarding

Skate shoe by Duffs.
Suede grey and black.
Very huge sole.
Must be very soft.

Duffs Sequence skate shoes

Duffs Scoundrel

Duffs Scoundrel Skate Shoes

Suede skateboarding kicks. Two colorways - pure black suede and blue-black-yellow suede. Sleek outsole.

Duffs Scoundrel skateboarding

Duffs Scoundrel low top

Duffs Scoundrel kicks

Duffs Roadrunner

Duffs Roadrunner Racing Shoes

Running style shoe by Duffs.
There are leather and suede variations of this model.
C/W: navy-white, white-green, black-white, white-navy, brown-beige, black-beige.

Duffs Roadrunner sneakers

Duffs Roadrunner low top

Duffs Road runner

Duffs Roadrunner running shoes

Duffs Roadrunner racing

Duffs Roadrunner kicks

Duffs Roadrunner trainer

Duffs Ridge

Duffs Ridge Boots

Interesting combination of suede and nylon. This model can be presented as trekking boots or shoes for hiking. Anyway they are quite well choice among other outdoor footwear. There are 3 colorways: brown-olive, grey-turquoise and black-red.

Duffs Ridge shoes

Duffs Ridge boots

Duffs Ridge runner