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Duffs Revert

Duffs Revert Trainer

Low Top Skate shoes for amateur boarders. Classic suede skate style. Sleek sole. The next CWs are exist: green-white, dark grey-grey-yellow, black-white, blue-black.

Duffs Revert shoes

Duffs Revert

Duffs Revert low top

Duffs Revert

Duffs Revert kicks

Duffs Revert trainer

Duffs Revert

Duffs Quin

Duffs Quin Skate

Vintage style skateboarding shoe with air pad into sole. Grey-white-black C/W in suede and mesh performance.

Duffs Quin kicks

Duffs Prophet

Duffs Prophet Shoes

All suede skateboarding sneakers by Duffs footwear. Sleek sole lace shoes. Black blue, black orange and brown orange CWs.

Duffs Prophet low top

Duffs Prophet trainer

Duffs Prophet suede

Duffs Pedro

Duffs Pedro Lo

These shoes are presented by Cooper Wilt. Model the Pedro Low is classic mid top skateboarding shoe in multimaterial performance. Vulcanized, leather, suede, canvas, sublime. D319 style. Below you can see different C/Ws of this model by Duffs.

Duffs Pedro shoes

Duffs Pedro sneakers

Duffs Pedro

Duffs Pedro low top

Duffs Pedro skate

Duffs Oxford

Duffs Oxford Trainer

I dunno why Duffs decided to name this model “Oxford”. These shoes have no common features with famous Oxford style footwear. But anyway, let’s speak about Duffs Oxford model. We have a deal with classic suede low top with leather Duffs stripe on sides. Four colorways are exist: navy-green, black-white, olive-white, grey-orange.

Duffs Oxford sneaker

Duffs Oxford shoes

Duffs Oxford

Duffs Oxford trainers

Duffs Octane

Duffs Octane Runners

Running style shoes on sleek sole by Duffs. Made of suede. Lots of color decisions - navy, grey-red, navy-white, grey-turquoise-olive, baby blue-white, pure grey.

Duffs Octane running shoe

Duffs Octane skateboaring

Duffs Octane sneakers

Duffs Octane

Duffs Octane low top

Duffs Octane trainer

Duffs Octane kicks

Duffs Neo

Duffs Neo Skateboarding

Multicolored skate shoes by Duffs named Duffs Neo. There are leather and suede ones, and several colorway decisions.

Duffs Neo skate shoe

Duffs Neo kicks

Duffs Neo sneakers

Duffs Neo low top

Duffs Neo kicks