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Duffs Mumford SE

Duffs Mumford SE Sneaker

Vintage skateboarding kicks by Duffs footwear brand. Were born in 1997. Suede and mesh  sneaker produced in black-gray gamma.

Duffs Mumford SE skate shoe

Duffs Morty

Duffs Morty Skate

Low top sneakers for skateboarding. You can find them made of leather or suede. Two C/Ws available: black-gray and white-gray.

Duffs Morty skateboarding

Duffs Morty kicks

Duffs Morty skate shoes

Duffs Mongoose

Duffs Mongoose Skate Shoes

usual skateboarding trainer from Duffs sneakers.
there are two C/Ws: white in leather, and black in suede.

Duffs Mongoose skateboarding

Duffs Mongoose kicks

Duffs Matt Hensley

Duffs Matt Hensley Low Top

Another shoes by Duffs inspired by great skateboardist Matt Hensley. Sleek sole. Made of canvas. Two CWs, green white and black white.

Duffs Matt Hensley sneaker

Duffs Matt Hensley trainer

Duffs Lurch

Duffs Lurch Mid Top Sneaker

Hitop shoes in multicolored leather. Fun colorways makes these Duffs Lurch’s fine with jeans and a snapback according to sneakers CW.

Duffs Lurch skateboarding

Duffs Lurch shoes

Duffs Lurch kicks

Duffs Lurch sneaker

Duffs Lurch hitop

Duffs Louie

Duffs Louie Trainer

Sleek sole trainers for low price. You can find CW according to your liking, alsa you can choose among suede or leather execution.

Duffs Louie shoe

Duffs Louie

Duffs Louie low cut

Duffs Louie

Duffs Louie sneaker

Duffs Louie

Duffs Louie low top

Duffs Louie kicks

Duffs Louie trainer

Duffs Kfad

Duffs Kfad

Stylish skate shoes for fashion dudes.
Suede brown, suede olive, leather white and suede black colorways are exist.
Choose your own Duffs Kfad!

Duffs Kfad skateboarding

Duffs Kfad skate shoes

Duffs Kfad sneaker

Duffs Kfad trainer