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Duffs KCK

Duffs KCK Skate Shoes

White beige or black beige skateboarding shoes. made of quality leather in classic Duffs traditions. KCK’s logo on tongues.

Duffs KCK sneaker

Duffs KCK skate shoe

Duffs KCK kicks

Duffs KCK low top

Duffs Gambler

Duffs Gambler Low Top

Very strange name for trainers. Maybe they can help us in gambling or betting sports? I will buy a pair for a fortune!
Additionally the are lots of colorways: red-white, green-white, white-red, black-white, white-green. Choose a pair for you, my gambler!

Duffs Gambler skateboarding

Duffs Gambler skate shoes

Duffs Gambler sneakers

Duffs Gambler kicks

Duffs Gambler low top

Duffs G5

Duffs G5 Skate Shoes

Beautiful model of Duffs Skateboarding series named G-5. Combination of laether and suede on upper. C/W:

Duffs G5 kicks

Duffs G5 sneaker

Duffs G5 low top

Duffs G5 skate shoes

Duffs G5 trainer

Duffs G4

Duffs G4 Kicks

Before G-5 were these variation. You can see that this model presented in mid and low. Suede upper with sleek outsole make them very comfortable for skate playing. Chhose your color and skate or die!

Duffs G4 skateboarding

Duffs G4 low top

Duffs G4 trainer

Duffs G4 shoes

Duffs G4 kicks

Duffs Frostbike

Duffs Frostbike Footwear

Here you can see the numerous of Duffs sneakers at Frostbike presentation. Low tops, mid and hi tops of different styles, colours and materials. Duffs is new brand for me but I can’t notice this event on this blog.

Duffs Frostbike skater

Duffs Frostbike shoe

Duffs Frostbike sole

Duffs Frostbike skateboarding

Duffs Frostbike

Duffs Frostbike sneaker

Duffs Frostbike

Duffs Frostbike skate shoes

Duffs Frostbike

Duffs Frostbike kicks

Duffs Frostbike

Duffs Frostbike low top

Duffs Frostbike

Duffs Frostbike trainer

Duffs Forge

Duffs Forge Low Top

Modern skateboarders shoe from Duffs. lace-up low top. Upper made of leather+suede. Black gold colorway. Good for skate or just a fashion accessory.

Duffs Forge skate shoe

Duffs Fester

Duffs Fester Mid Top

These shoes must loved be hip-hoppers, street-dancers and skateboarders. High top stylish sneaker. Pure leather upper. Two C/Ws - white red and black green.

Duffs Fester skate shoes

Duffs Fester kicks

Duffs Fester