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Duffs Fatso

Duffs Fatso Skate Shoes

Vintage example of Duffs skateboarding heritage. Huge skate kicks with suede upper. Black-orange CW with white shoe laces.

Duffs Fatso skateboarding

Duffs Enforcer

Duffs Enforcer Skate Shoes

Boys skate puffs with 90s skateboarding design named Duffs Enforcer Low. Leather upper. soft insole. Great for tricks. Black-grey, red-white, navy-white-grey-blue CWs are available.

Duffs Enforcer sneaker

Duffs Enforcer kicks

Duffs Enforcer skateboarding

Duffs Enforcer shoes

Duffs Dresden

Duffs Dresden Trainer

Easy skate shoes from Duffs named in memory of Dresden. There are two C/W: pure black suede with white outsole, and pure navy suede with white sole.

Duffs Dresden trainers

Duffs Dresden low top

Duffs Dresden shoes

Duffs D294

Duffs D294 Low Top

Interesting design of classic sneaker. Upper can be suede or velvet. Do you know a lot of shoes made of velvet? I don’t. To add you can choose among several colors of these model.

Duffs D294 shoe

Duffs D294 trainer

Duffs D294 kicks

Duffs Crail

Duffs Crail Skateboarding

Nice choice for skaters. Low cost sneaker made of combined leather and suede. Classic style, lots of colors.

Duffs Crail kicks

Duffs Crail low tops

Duffs Crail sneaker

Duffs Crail skate shoes

Duffs Copa

Duffs Copa Low Cut Shoes

Frest trainer for low price. Nice for skateboarding or walking. Choose your color, do it:
orange white
khaki white
navy yellow
blue white
grey team red white
maroon orange
red white 

Duffs Copa skateboarding

Duffs Copa lo

Duffs Copa skate shoe

Duffs Copa

Duffs Copa sneaker

Duffs Copa kicks

Duffs Copa low top

Duffs Copa trainer

Duffs Concert

Duffs Concert Skateboarding

Low cut pumps for riding. You can see three colorways presented by Duffs footwear. As for me I prefer the last one.

Duffs Concert skate shoes

Duffs Concert sneakers

Duffs Concert low top