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Duffs Barletta

Duffs Barletta Trainer

Original decision by designers of Duffs footwear. Checked panels on these sneakers are fresh. Multicolored diamonds makes them not similar to other skateboarding shoes of this style. Several kinds of CW: white black, brown beige, black grey.

Duffs Barletta skate shoes

Duffs Barletta sneaker

Duffs Barletta low top

Duffs Barletta kicks

Duffs 4130

Duffs 4130 Skate Shoes

Leather skateboarding low top by designer of Duffs. Interesting color decisions, check it below:

Duffs 4130 skate

Duffs 4130 sneaker

Duffs 4130 skateboarding

Duffs 4130 low top

Duffs 4130 kicks

Duffs 4130 trainer