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HUF Star Pack

HUF Star Pack Footwear Release

This release by HUF is coming soon. Stars on midsoles and american flag on sole. Very patriotic, lol. There are three colorway - blue low, black low and white mid top sneakers. A/w 2010 HUF collection.

HUF Star Pack trainers

HUF Star Pack shoes

HUF Star Pack footwear

HUF Star Pack

HUF Star Pack edition

HUF Star Pack kicks

HUF x Cliche Hufnagel Pro

HUF x Cliche Hufnagel Pro Collabo

Collaboration of HUF footwear with Cliche. Based on Hufnagel Pro model which variations you better know here:
Union kicks by Cliche & k1x are suede grey with yellow inside and printed insoles. Autumn 2011 release. Also there are T-shirts, 5-panel and board in this pack.

HUF x Cliche Hufnagel Pro skate shoes

HUF x Cliche Hufnagel Pro release

HUF x Cliche Hufnagel Pro insoles

HUF x Cliche Hufnagel Pro trainer

HUF x Cliche Hufnagel Pro edition

HUF x Cliche Hufnagel Pro collaboration

HUF x Cliche pack

HUF Tahoe

HUF Tahoe Sneaker

Very smart low top shoes by HUF. This is brand of Keith Hufnagel, famous skateboarder. American quality, interesting design and skate traditions. This model named Tahoe is lo sneaker on gum midsole. Leather or suede uppers of black, olive, navy and white colours. I like them but here are no one Tahoe on eBay. Good choice for summer walks I think.

HUF Tahoe shoes

HUF Tahoe sneaker

HUF Tahoe skateboarding

HUF Tahoe low top

HUF Southern

HUF Southern Trainer

Low top sneaker by HUF USA. Skateboarding classic also good as fashion detail. Additionally there are a lot of styles and colors this model was made. Camouflage, suede and leather of course.

HUF Southern skateboarding

HUF Southern

HUF Southern slip on

HUF Southern skate

HUF Southern trabs

HUF Southern low top

HUF Southern sneaker

HUF Southern kicks

HUF Southern trainer

HUF Morton

HUF Morton Skate Shoes

Morton is usual low top skateboarding shoes on a sleek midsole. Most used upper material is suede. This model was released in black suede, maroon suede, navy suede and white suede styles. If you want them, try to find on eBay.

HUF Morton skateboarding

HUF Morton trainee

HUF Morton shoes

HUF Morton

HUF Morton low top

HUF Morton sneaker

HUF Morton kicks

HUF Morton trainers

HUF Milwaukee

HUF Milwaukee Thick Sole Trainer

Firstly HUF Milwaukee model was presented in 2011. After there were some more colorways of these sneakers. Suede or leather uppers on huge gum soles. Check some colorway of them.

HUF Milwaukee

HUF Milwaukee

HUF Milwaukee trainer

HUF Milwaukee kicks

HUF Milwaukee low top

HUF Mateo

HUF Mateo Low Tops

Classic two-locored lace sneaker by HUF footwear. You can pick them on eBay or HUF stores. All colorways are canvas, and I think it’s clever decision because this model in leather will look bad.

HUF Mateo skateboarding

HUF Mateo soletop

HUF Mateo low top

HUF Mateo sneaker

HUF Mateo

HUF Mateo trainer

HUF Mateo

HUF Mateo kicks