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HUF Hupper

HUF Hupper High Top

Skytop sneakers by Huf. I don’t think they are good for skateboarding but nice fashion choice, yep? Additionally you can chhose among different colorways and styles of these kicks.

HUF Hupper skateboarding

HUF Hupper

HUF Hupper skate shoe

HUF Hupper trainer

HUF Hupper kicks

HUF Hupper hitop

HUF Hupper

HUF Hupper red

HUF Hufnagel Pro

HUF Hufnagel Pro Skateboarding

This model name is Hufnagel. It’s name of HUF founder Keith Hufnagel, great skateboarder. In my opinion, it’s the best of HUF. Suede trainers of different colors will looking good with jeans or shorts.

HUF Hufnagel Pro Lo

HUF Hufnagel Pro

HUF Hufnagel Pro sneaker

HUF Hufnagel Pro skate shoe

HUF Hufnagel Pro low top

HUF Hufnagel Pro

HUF Hufnagel Pro kicks

HUF Hufnagel Pro

HUF Hufnagel Pro trainer

HUF Hufnagel Pro red

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX Low Top

As its older brother
Pro TX is very similar but with little noticed differences. Upper is made of canvas or suedem and color gamma of these trainers is most black-white.

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX skate shoes

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX sneakers

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX sneaker

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX low top

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX

HUF Hufnagel Pro TX trainer

HUF Genuine

HUF Genuine Shoes

Classic 2-eye slip-on made by HUF skateboarding. All CW made of suede. Navy, blue, olive, black, grey, blue-red and beige colors are exist. you cann pick any of Huf Genuine on eBay.

HUF Genuine

HUF Genuine lo

HUF Genuine skateboarding

HUF Genuine

HUF Genuine kicks

HUF Genuine

HUF Genuine shoes

HUF Genuine trainer

HUF Genuine low top

HUF Cooper

HUF Cooper Hitop

two variations of this model is made by HUF - suede and leather. I prefer first one made all of black suede. Nice fashion detail for your wardrobe.

HUF Cooper lace-up

HUF Cooper skate shoe

HUF Cooper mid top

HUF Cooper sneaker

HUF Cooper basket shoes

HUF Cooper kicks

HUF Cooper

HUF Clarence

HUF Clarence Mid Sneaker

HUF Clarence skateboarding

HUF Clarence shoes

HUF Clarence sneakers

HUF Clarence

HUF Clarence kicks

HUF Clarence mid

HUF Choice

HUF Choice Trainer

Ideal sneaker for bicycle or skate. This model is named Choice. Classic low top shoe in nubuck or suede. Comfort gum sole.

HUF Choice trainer

HUF Choice sneakers

HUF Choice low top

HUF Choice

HUF Choice kicks

HUF Choice

HUF Choice skate shoes