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HUF Bridge

HUF Bridge Skate Shoes

Suede low top sneakers of differend colour. HUF made them in green, black, navy, olive and red styles. They will be good for skatin or just for walkin. Pretty and smart shoes

HUF Bridge sneakers

HUF Bridge

HUF Bridge skate shoe

HUF Bridge kicks

HUF Bridge shoes

HUF Bridge low top

HUF Bridge trainers

HUF 1984

HUF 1984 Low Top

This model of skate shoes by HUF is named 1984. Made in nubuck and leather materials and some colors are exist. I have a pair in camo. Check the last picture :)

HUF 1984 court shoe

HUF 1984

HUF 1984 shoes

HUF 1984 sneaker

HUF 1984

HUF 1984 low top

HUF 1984 trainer

HUF 1984

HUF 1984 camo shoes


HUF 1 Kicks

High top sneaker by HUF footwear. Simple and fashion thing. You can pick them on eBay for example. There blue, grey, black, red and beige colorways are exist.

HUF 1 hitop

HUF 1 mid top

HUF 1 kicks

HUF 1 shoes


HUF 1 sneaker

HUF 1 trainer

HUF 1 sole

HUF 1 Vulc

HUF 1 Vulc Mid Top Sneaker

Mid vulcananized kicks for skateboarding. Made by HUF. Huge white sole would be great for skate I am sure. A lot of colours and materials, pick you special one on eBay.

HUF 1 Vulc shoes

HUF 1 Vulc hitop

HUF 1 Vulc sneaker

HUF 1 Vulc

HUF 1 Vulc mid top

HUF 1 Vulc

HUF 1 Vulc kicks

HUF 1 Vulc grey