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k1x Sierra Leone

k1x Sierra Leone Pack

The pack was born in 2011. k1x brand presented lots of their DCAC in so clever styles and colorways. Cute kicks with great history of ths pack. Very limited, so now it’s almost unreal to pick ther somewhere. Only 15 pairs of each colorway! Try eBay and good luck!

k1x Sierra Leone kicks

k1x Sierra Leone edition

k1x Sierra Leone Bo sneakers

k1x Sierra Leone Bo trainer

K1X Sierra Leone Madina edition

k1x Sierra Leone Makeni release

k1x Sierra Leone Makeni pack

K1X Sierra Leone Taiama mid top

K1X Sierra Leone Taiama kicks

K1X Sierra Leone Taiama edition

k1x Sierra Leone Worodu basket shoes

k1x Sierra Leone pack


K1X Y2G LE Mid Top

Fashion mid sneaker by k1x brand. I don’t know how many pairs were maden but it’s a limited edition.

K1X Y2G LE sneakers

K1X Y2G LE basket shoes

K1X Y2G LE kicks


K1X LP Low Top

Made by K1x this low model is so good for sports as for fashion. Different styles and C/Ws. You can find this sneaker named k1x LP in canvas, suede or leather. And all of them are cute!


K1X LP Low shoe

K1X LP Low sneaker

K1X LP Low trainer

K1X LP Low kicks

K1X LP Low top

K1X Lazy High LE

K1X Lazy High Top LE

Dunno why these kicks have name Lazy. But we can see hi basketball shoes with strap ot the top. Three styles: black leather with grey suede strap, all grey suede and purple leather and mesh. Try to find them in k1x stores.

K1X Lazy High LE mid top

K1X Lazy High LE basket shoes

K1X Lazy High LE kicks

K1X Lazy High LE

K1X H1top LE

K1X H1top LE

Modern high top sneakers be K1x can be worn with jeans or short, and of course are good for basketball playing. k1x made lots of colorwayf of this model, so choose your best. All green leather, black leather wit hsome blue, grey suede with patent leather elements, all white leather and other CW.

K1X H1top LE

K1X H1top LE high top

K1X H1top LE sneakers

K1X H1top LE basket shoes

K1X H1top LE kicks

K1X H1top LE hitop



One of the best k1x models. Sleek sole and various materials upper. Suede brown, mesh blue and black leather. These trainers will be good for spring walking or basket. Some more styles you can check here: http://only-sneakers.ru/k1x-dcac/


K1X DCAC LE basket shoes

K1X DCAC LE sneakers

K1X DCAC LE kicks

k1x Chief Glider

k1x Chiefglider Mid

The greatest kicks by K1x, sorry for tautology. Look at all editions of this model an photos below. I prefer World Be Fe Free released in 2009. Very clever colorway, so modern and stylysh and vintage same time.

k1x Chiefglider basket shoes

k1x Chiefglider kicks

k1x Chiefglider mid top

k1x Chiefglider mid

k1x Chiefglider Low

Low version of Chiefgliders. Also nice choice for basketball.

k1x Chiefglider low

k1x Chiefglider World B Free

k1x Chiefglider World B Free edition