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Patta x Keep Shaheen

Patta x Keep Shaheen Mid Top Collaboration

Keep from LA presents special edition collab with Patta. Based on mid sneakers model named Shaheen. Brown suede mid kicks with some fresh multicolored details.

Patta x Keep Shaheen edition

Patta x Keep Shaheen collabo

Patta x Keep Shaheen mid top

Patta x Keep Shaheen sneakers

Patta x Keep Shaheen kicks

Keep x Bon Iver

Keep x Bon Iver Fishbone Edition Shoes

Women sneaker by Bon Iver and Keep. Original design decision, fishbone on upper. Suede mid top sneaker and wool plaid back.

Keep x Bon Iver footwear

Keep x Bon Iver edition

Keep x Bon Iver collabo

Keep x Bon Iver

Keep x Animal

Keep x Animal Collabo Footwear

Collaboration by Keep and Animal. Slip on shoes and mid top sneaker. Slips are suede cream, high tops are navy suede. Graphic prints by Animal, quite pretty collab.

Keep x Animal pack

Keep x Animal edition

Keep x Animal shoes

Keep x Animal sneakers

Keep x Animal kicks

Keep Solis

Keep Solis Wallabee Boots

Wallabees by Keep brand. Classic suede mid 2-eye boots. Brown or black gamma were released.

Keep Solis boots

Keep Solis shoes

Keep Solis

Keep Solis boots

Keep Solis

Keep Shaheen

Keep Shaheen Mid Sneeker

One of my favorite model of Keep. Mid top sneaker 2-eye lace of different styles and colors. Plaid wool, flowers and more and more. Also check this model as a part of collab with Patta:

Keep Shaheen lace-up

Keep Shaheen trainer

Keep Shaheen boots

Keep Shaheen

Keep Shaheen mid top

Keep Shaheen

Keep Shaheen shoes

Keep Shaheen trainer

Keep Shaheen

Keep Shaheen kicks

Keep Ramos

Keep Ramos Sneaker

I like so much back part of these shoes. Plaid of different styles and colors make these sneakers very unusual. Lots of various designer features are realized in Keep Ramos.

Keep Ramos shoe

Keep Ramos mid

Keep Ramos trainer

Keep Ramos sneakers

Keep Ramos mid top

Keep Ramos shoes

Keep Ramos kicks

Keep Nuss

Keep Nuss Mid Top

Closed mid top sneakers by Keep. Most materials are stash and suede. Numerous colorways of this model were maden.

Keep Nuss sneaker

Keep Nuss

Keep Nuss mid top

Keep Nuss trainer

Keep Nuss basket shoes

Keep Nuss kicks