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Supra x KR3W Vaider

Supra x KR3W Vaider Collabo Edition

Tha part of Franchise pack. Unusual looking because original material. This is denim, and it makes them fresh. 2010 release. Not bad collaboration I think.

Supra x KR3W Vaider collaboration sneakers

Supra x KR3W Vaider kicks

Supra x KR3W Vaider hitop

KR3W Grey Canvas Pack

KR3W Grey Canvas Series

Another pack by Krew footwear brand. 4 sneakers styles made full of gray canvas. Outsoles are also of gray color. Pure grey high tops and low tops shoes be KR3W.

KR3W Grey Canvas Series footwear

KR3W Grey Canvas Series pack

KR3W Grey Canvas Series edition

KR3W Grey Canvas Series

KR3W Grey Canvas Series

KR3W Jackson

KR3W Jackson Low Top

Classic low top sneakers on sleek sole by Kr3w footwear. Lots of colors and materials exist on other Jacksons:
-black suede
-grey suede
-brown leather
-grey canvas

KR3W Jackson trainee

KR3W Jackson Lo

KR3W Jackson sneaker

KR3W Jackson trainer

KR3W Jackson shoes

KR3W Jackson kicks

KR3W Hamilton

KR3W Hamilton Low Top

Fashion sneaker by Krew. The full name is Hamilton Lo. Canvas and leather uppers on striped gum sole.

KR3W Hamilton sneaker

KR3W Hamilton kicks

KR3W Hamilton trainer

KR3W Hamilton low top

KR3W Hamilton black

KR3W Grant Mid

KR3W Grant Mid Top Sneaker

Very smart hi cut shoes from Krew. Lace up on sleek sole. Krew released the next CW: grey suede, black suede, brown leather, beige suede and black leather ones. Choose your best Grant Mid:

KR3W Grant Mid hitop

KR3W Grant Mid trainer

KR3W Grant Mid kicks

KR3W Grant Mid shoes

KR3W Grant Mid

KR3W Grant Mid

KR3W Grant Mid sneaker

KR3W Grant Mid

KR3W Grant Mid top

KR3W Grant Low

KR3W Grant Low Top

I already introduced the Mid variation of Grant model here
Now look at low Grants. they also made in various colors and materials.

KR3W Grant Low shoe

KR3W Grant Lo

KR3W Grant Low sneaker

KR3W Grant Low trainers

KR3W Grant Low kicks

KR3W Grant Low trainers

KR3W Grant Low top

KR3W Franklin

KR3W Franklin High Top

The title of these kicks was chosen in memory of American president. Krew Franklin is high skytop lace-up sneakers with zip on behind. Different styles and colors of this model are exist.

KR3W Franklin lace up

KR3W Franklin shoes

KR3W Franklin kicks

KR3W Franklin

KR3W Franklin trainers

KR3W Franklin high top

KR3W Franklin basket shoes

KR3W Franklin sneakers

KR3W Franklin hitop

KR3W Franklin