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Needles NDS

Needles NDS Canvas Sneaker

Californian brand Needles produced these canvas shoes with al their love. Three colors - purple, black, white. Jack Purcell classic design. Canvas upper, gum sleek sole.

Needles NDS slips

Needles NDS trainer

Needles NDS sneaker

Needles NDS sole

Needles NDS low top

Needles NDS shoes

Needles NDS black

Needles Slip-on

Needles Slip On Shoes

Original design slip on shoes by Needles footwear. Low top lace off shoe made of canvas. Interesting colorways, gum sole. Best for warm summer days.

Needles Slip On low top

Needles Slip On trainer

Needles Slip On shoe

Needles Gillie

Needles Gillie Low Top

Unusual seeing of classic canvas shoe by Needles. I found purple, white and purple-white colorways of these shoes. Huge sole under canvas upper.

Needles Gillie kicks

Needles Gillie sneaker

Needles Gillie shoes

Needles Gillie trainer

Needles Gillie low top

Needles 2011

Needles 2011 Footwear

There are some of 2011 stuff be Pointer. Canvas trainers of suede and leather, four colours - black, navy, white and beige. Vintage style gum sole.

Needles 2011 low top

Needles 2011 sneaker

Needles 2011 shoes

Needles 2011 trainer

Needles 2011 collaction