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Nike Cortez Lady 1981

Nike Cortez Lady `81 Vintage Runners

Epic leather Cortez is the whole age.
It’s one of the best colorways of Lady’s Cortez.
Leather white with blue swoosh.
Made in 1981 in Taiwan.
ART 2190.




Nike Cortez Lady 1981 sole

Nike Cortez Lady 1981 box

Nike D5 Carolina

Nike D5 Carolina Colors Basket Shoes

Nike Air Flight line.
The right name is Nike D5.
Made in 2000.
Leather white with baby blue.
ART 830191.

Nike D5 Carolina basketball

Nike D5 Carolina b-ball

Nike D5 Carolina basket shoes

Nike D5 Carolina box

Nike D5 Carolina sole

Nike D5 Carolina vintage

Nike Hardtrack ACG

Nike Hardtrack ACG Shoes

2003 production.
Brown low top suede shoes by Nike ACG family.
All Conditions Gear technology.
Made in Indonesia in 2003.
SN 122029.

Nike Hardtrack ACG shoe

Nike Hardtrack ACG low top

Nike Hardtrack ACG trainer

Nike Hardtrack ACG sole

Nike Hardtrack ACG box

Nike Hype

Nike Hype Low Top

The full name of these kicks is Hype Canvas Low.
Made of navy canvas on white outsole.
Nike Air tech on.
Came from Indonesia.
The beginning of 2000s I think.
SN 830061.

Nike Hype low top

Nike Hype trainer

Nike Hype kicks

Nike Hype basket shoe

Nike Hype sole

Nike Hype box

Nike Landshark

Nike Landshark Baseball Hitop

One of great Nike Shark line for softball.
White leather and nylon. Grey swoosh. Black outsole.
Two types of spikes, thin and thick.
Indonesian made.
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Nike Shark
Nike Shark Low

Nike Landshark baseball

Nike Landshark spiked shoe

Nike Landshark boots

Nike Landshark high top

Nike Landshark sole

Nike Landshark box

Nike Presence

Nike Presence Trainer

Women court shoes by ACG line.
Nike Airliner system.
Pure white leather with nylon tongue.
I found some more Nike kicks with Airliner tech:
Airliner 1988
Airliner High Top

Nike Presence low top

Nike Presence vintage

Nike Presence trainers

Nike Presence sole

Nike Air Straight

Nike Air Straight Basket Shoes

Mid Top sneakers by Nike Basketball.
Black suede with white details and red on outsole.
Were born in 1995.
made in Indonesia.
Serial number is 130215.
There are some more colourways of these kicks, check out the Web.

Nike Air Straight mid top basket shoes

Nike Air Straight basketball

Nike Air Straight trainer

Nike Air Straight kicks

Nike Air Straight sole

Nike Air Straight box