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Nike Air Sly Flight

Nike Air Sly Flight 90s Basketball

Mid top sneakers named Nike Air Sly.
Air Flight system.
Were born in 1997 in Indonesia.
When I look at their outsole I remember other great baskets by Nike:

Nike Air Sly Flight basket shoes

Nike Air Sly Flight kicks

Nike Air Sheer

Nike Air Sheer Mid Top

Wazzup from 1993.
Strap high top shoes by Nike Air.
The full name is Nike Air Sheer Force Mid Plus.
Leather white with black swooshes on sides and green swoosh on strap.
Vintage yellowing outsole, mmmm…
Made in Korea with SN 130185.
Also I found video presentation of Nike Air Sheer 1994 on youtube

Nike Air Sheer trainer

Nike Air Sheer

Nike Air Sheer sole

Nike Air Sheer basket shoes

Nike Air Sheer sneakers

Nike Air Sheer hitop

Nike Air Sheer kicks

Nike Air Screech

Nike Air Screech Cross Training Shoe

Low top shoes by Nike Cross Training family.
Black suede with white swoosh and panels, and little purple details.
Women shoes for trainigs and running.
Made in Thailand.
ART 173070-012.

Nike Air Screech low top

Nike Air Screech kicks

Nike Air Screech trainer

Nike Air Screech sole

Nike Air Screech box

White ones made of leather.
White and some purple.

Nike Air Screech training shoe

Nike Air Screech low top

Nike Air Screech trainer

Nike Air Screech white

Nike Air Pummel

Nike Air Pummel Kicks

The full name is Nike Air Pummel Force.
Suede black and white.
Born in 1996.
Huge brutal sole, classic for baskets of those times.
made in Indonesia ART 130268-002

Nike Air Pummel mid top

Nike Air Pummel basket shoes

Nike Air Pummel kicks

Nike Air Pummel box

Nike Air Pummel vintage

White leather ones.
Also from 1996 and Indonesia.
ART 130268-142

Nike Air Pummel 1996 mid tops

Nike Air Pummel 1996 white

Nike Air Pummel 1996 box

Nike Air Pulverize

Nike Air Pulverize Mid Cut

Suede basketball kicks by Nike.
Black with white colorway.
The right name is Nike Air Pulverize Force.
ART 130253-011.
Made in Indonesia.

Nike Air Pulverize sneakers

Nike Air Pulverize basket shoes

Nike Air Pulverize kicks

Nike Air Pulverize basketball

Nike Air Pulverize sole

Nike Air Pulverize box

Also I found these on japanese auction Rakuten. I don’t know year of release but it seems to be modern ones. Red-black-white color.

Nike Air Pulverize sneaker

Nike Air Pulverize basketball

Nike Air Provider

Nike Air Provider Runner

Nike RunWalk technology.
White-black-grey leather trainer.
The title is Nike Air Provider RW.
Made in China
182027-111 ART.

Nike Air Provider runners

Nike Air Provider trainers

Nike Air Provider running shoe

Nike Air Provider kicks

Nike Air Provider sole

Nike Air Provider box

Nike Air Magnum Force

Nike Air Magnum Force Basket Shoes

Nice basketball kicks by Nike.
Year of release 1992.
Strap 3/4 shoes, white-black leather.
Too hard to find, try eBay.

Nike Air Magnum Force trainer

Nike Air Magnum Force basket shoe

Nike Air Magnum Force sneakers

Nike Air Magnum Force kicks

Nike Air Magnum Force sole

Nike Air Magnum Force box

I found out two more c/w of Nike Air Magnum Force. White leather with black swoosh and brow-grey-black in suede.
Check out youtube for their video presentation. 

Nike Air Magnum Force white black

Nike Air Magnum Force brown