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Pointer Hesperus

Pointer Hesperus Trainer

Sleek canvas low top sneaker. Will be great with chinos. Pointer made lots of styles and colorways of this model. Check out photos below, dude.

Pointer Hesperus lace up shoe

Pointer Hesperus low cut

Pointer Hesperus trainee

Pointer Hesperus

Pointer Hesperus sneaker

Pointer Hesperus low top

Pointer Hesperus kicks

Pointer Hesperus trainers

Pointer Hesperus

Pointer Hesperus low top

Pointer Hopkins

Pointer Hopkins Low Top

Two-eye low top deck shoes. Good choice for yachting or walking with your girlfriend. Various colours and materials of this model were presented.

Pointer Hopkins Lo

Pointer Hopkins kicks

Pointer Hopkins sneakers

Pointer Hopkins low top

Pointer Hopkins trainer

Pointer Hopkins shoes

Pointer Malcolm II

Pointer Malcolm II Boots

Suede chukka boots by Pointer. Stylish shoes for office or walking. Gum sole, suede uppers.

Pointer Malcolm II

Pointer Malcolm II oxford

Pointer Malcolm II mid top

Pointer Malcolm II shoe

Pointer Malcolm II boots

Pointer Mathieson

Pointer Mathieson Mid Top

Pretty sneakers with huge thick sole. Made of lots of materials - canvas, leather, suede, nylon, mesh. This model was released in several collections by Pointer. Browse all possible colorways of Pointer Mathieson:

Pointer Mathieson mid sneaker

Pointer Mathieson lace up

Pointer Mathieson hitop

Pointer Mathieson

Pointer Mathieson shoe

Pointer Mathieson sneaker

Pointer Mathieson kicks

Pointer Mathieson

Pointer Mathieson trainer

Pointer Mathieson

Pointer Mathieson mid top

Pointer Mfundo

Pointer Mfundo Low Top

Cute sneaker by Pointer. Released in canvas and suede variations. Low top trainer with up looking header. Sleek sole.

Pointer Mfundo shoes

Pointer Mfundo sneaker

Pointer Mfundo kicks

Pointer Mfundo trainer

Pointer Mfundo low top

Pointer Oxford

Pointer Oxford Shoes

Oxfords in brogue style by Pointr designers. Beige, black or brown colorways were made. 2012 release. Very smart oxfords I think.

Pointer Oxford trainer

Pointer Oxford low top

Pointer Oxford boots

Pointer Oxford shoes

Pointer Pluckrose

Pointer Pluckrose Duck Boot

Every morern streetwear brand made its own duck boots. Pointer is not an exclusion. Combination of leather and suede on the uppers. Different colorways for all seasons of the year. Fashion and warm boots.

Pointer Pluckrose ducks

Pointer Pluckrose

Pointer Pluckrose duck boots

Pointer Pluckrose low top

Pointer Pluckrose

Pointer Pluckrose duck shoes

Pointer Pluckrose

Pointer Pluckrose boots

Pointer Pluckrose

Pointer Pluckrose shoes

Pointer Pluckrose