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Puma Vintage Trainers 70s-80s

Puma Vintage Trainers 70s-80s

Two pairs of Puma Vintage.
I don’t know how this models named.
If any knows please write me to zontik88@gmail.com

Puma Vintage Trainers 70s-80s

Puma Vintage Trainers 70s-80s

Puma Lady Progress

Puma Lady Progress Runner

White running shoes with pink and blue, seems quite usual for wmns runner, isn’t it? :) Pretty and cute training shoe would be liked by any lady who enjoys sports. Anyway I want to see babes on the streets wearing such runners!

Puma Lady Progress kicks

Puma Lady Progress running shoes

Puma Powercat

Puma Powercat II Running Shoes

Vintage runners by Puma. Grey suede and nylon, black logo line. Classic casuals of 80s style. The came from late 1980s. Made in Taiwan.

Puma Powercat II running shoe

Puma Powercat II vintage

Puma Powercat II runner

Puma Powercat II kicks

Puma Powercat II sole

Puma Canvas Hard Court

Puma Canvas Hard Court Shoe

Vintage trainer of white stash and gray suede materials. Perfect pair for tennis, volleyball or table tennis. Seems like vintage basket kicks in 60s, classis basketball low top.

Puma Canvas Hard Court tennis shoe

Puma Canvas Hard Court low top

Puma Canvas Hard Court trainer

Puma Canvas Hard Court kicks

Puma Canvas Hard Court sole

Puma RX787

Puma RX787 Running Shoes

Cute running shoes by Puma. These RX787 are made of black suede and white mesh, also sylver and blue details. They were born in 1997.

Puma RX787 running shoes

Puma RX787 vintage kicks

Puma RX787 runners

Puma Silver Cat

Puma Silver Cat Comfort Runners

Silver Cat by Puma is running shoes from 80s. Grey suede and nylon with red Puma line. Two straps make this model more comfortable than other numerable Puma runners with such construction.

Puma Silver Cat running shoes

Puma Roma Italia LIST

Puma Roma Italia LIST Retro

Puma 60s retro style trainer. Made of white leather, blue suede and cream gum sole. Serial number is 346556 01. Reissue of OG Puma Roma.

Puma Roma Italia LIST low top

Puma Roma Italia LIST vintage

Puma Roma Italia LIST shoes

Puma Roma Italia LIST trainer

Puma Roma Italia LIST sole