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Reebok Pressure Energy Return

Reebok Pressure Energy Return System

Serial number is 4-4817. Retro baskets energy return technology kicks by Reebok ERS. White leather, grey details. Korea made, 90s

Reebok Pressure Energy Return high top

Reebok Pressure Energy Return system

Reebok Pressure Energy Return basketball

Reebok Pressure Energy Return basket shoes

Reebok Pressure Energy Return kicks

Reebok Pressure Energy Return sole

Reebok Pressure Energy Return box

Reebok Phase

Reebok Phase Low Top

The right title of these kicks is Reebok Phase l. Serial articul 6-43358. Made in white leather in Thailain, early 90s.

Reebok Phase white

Reebok Phase vintage

Reebok Phase low top

Reebok Phase kicks

Reebok Phase sole

Reebok Phase box

Reebok Net Minder

Reebok Net Minder Running Shoes

Mens tennis low top by Reebok. SN is 6-36231. Mid 90s. White leather with navy logo. China made.

Reebok Net Minder low top

Reebok Net Minder runners

Reebok Net Minder

Reebok Net Minder trainer

Reebok Net Minder box

Reebok Kamikaze II

Reebok Kamikaze II Low Top

This is low version of great Reebok Kamikaze model. White leather and black suede materials. From 90s, nice example of Reebok heritage. Must be reissued!

Reebok Kamikaze II Low mid top

Reebok Kamikaze II Low basketball

Reebok Kamikaze II Low basket shoes

Reebok Kamikaze II Low

Reebok Kamikaze II Low sole

Reebok Kamikaze II Low kicks

Reebok Icepick

Reebok Icepick Kicks

Enjoy Icepick Mid by Reebok.
Made in China in 1996-1997.
White-black-navy colorway.
SN is 4-32953.

Reebok Icepick basketball

Reebok Icepick mid top

Reebok Icepick basket shoe

Reebok Icepick sole

Reebok Icepick kicks

Reebok Icepick box

Reebok Hyperlite

Reebok Hyperlite Mid Top

Women aerobics shoes.
Mid cut sneaker in white leather with multicolored panels.
Made in Thailand with serial number 2-21291.
W/Jd/Rasp colorway.
The late 90s.

Reebok Hyperlite training

Reebok Hyperlite basket shoes

Reebok Hyperlite trainers

Reebok Hyperlite kicks

Reebok Hyperlite sole

Reebok Hyperlite box

Reebok Hostile Mid

Reebok Hostile Mid Shoes

They were born in 1993 in China. The part of Reebok Preseason line. White/black/Dallas blue colorway. ART 2-32390.

Reebok Hostile Mid trainer

Reebok Hostile Mid sneakers

Reebok Hostile Mid basket shoes

Reebok Hostile Mid trainer

Reebok Hostile Mid kicks

Reebok Hostile sole

Reebok Hostile box