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Reebok Hexalite Midfoot Chamber

Reebok Hexalite Midfoot Chamber Basket Shoes

I present you one of Reebok Battlegrounds in white/black/blue. Hi cut Blacktops with The Pump system. Made in Korea with SN 4-7337.

Reebok Hexalite Midfoot Chamber sneakers

Reebok Hexalite Midfoot Chamber mid top

Reebok Hexalite Midfoot Chamber kicks

Reebok Hexalite Midfoot Chamber basketball

Reebok Hexalite Midfoot Chamber box

Reebok Hammer

Reebok Hammer Training Boots

White hicut shoes on ERS from 80s. White leather with natural and charcoal elements. 4-4329 Serial Number. Made in Korea.

Reebok Hammer vintage

Reebok Hammer mid top

Reebok Hammer basket shoes

Reebok Hammer trainer

Reebok Hammer hitop

Reebok Hammer sole

Reebok Hammer box

Reebok Fundamental

Reebok Fundamental Mid Top

men basketball kicks by Reebok. White-black leather high top. China made in late 1990s. SN 4-26590.

Reebok Fundamental sneakers

Reebok Fundamental kicks

Reebok Fundamental basket shoe

Reebok Fundamental sole

Reebok Fundamental box

Reebok Fitness Walker Ultra

Reebok Fitness Walker Ultra Low Top

Men Walking Line. Black leather trainers for fitness and walk/run. Were borned somewhere in Thailand with SN 11-9451.

Reebok Fitness Walker Ultra training

Reebok Fitness Walker Ultra shoe

Reebok Fitness Walker Ultra trainer

Reebok Fitness Walker Ultra low top

Reebok Fitness Walker Ultra sole

Reebok Fitness Walker Ultra box

Reebok Exofit 500

Reebok Exofit 500 Trainer

Vintage and low variation of Reebok ExoFit. Pure leather shoes with some blue. The late 80s I think. Serial number 2-1536. Made in Korea. Check more Reebok ex-o-fits here.

Reebok Exofit 500 shoes

Reebok Exofit 500 kicks

Reebok Exofit 500 box

Reebok Exofit 500 low top

Reebok Exofit 500 sole

Reebok Exofit 500 trainer

Reebok ERS 1000

Reebok ERS1000 Vintage Runner

Classic runners style with Energy Return technology. Grey suede and naylon and navy Reebok stripes make these trainers very stylish. SN 1-50150. Made in Korea.

Reebok ERS1000 Vintage running shoes

Reebok ERS1000 Vintage runners

Reebok ERS1000 Vintage kicks

Reebok ERS1000 Vintage trainer

Reebok ERS1000 Vintage sole

Reebok ERS1000 Vintage box

Reebok Diamond 200

Reebok Diamond 200 Cleats

Cleats for softball or soccer by Reebok named Diamons 200. White leather witn grey and black details. Made somewhen in 90s. ART 18-5095, Korea production.

Reebok Diamond 200 football

Reebok Diamond 200 baseball

Reebok Diamond 200 cleats

Reebok Diamond 200 trainer

Reebok Diamond 200 sole

Reebok Diamond 200 box