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Reebok D-Factor II

Reebok D-Factor II Mid Top

Black suede with purple second d-factors by Reebok. 90s made. Above The Rim series. Made in Thailand. Serial number is 4-21401.

Reebok D-Factor II mid cut

Reebok D-Factor II trainer

Reebok D-Factor II basketball

Reebok D-Factor II kicks

Reebok D-Factor II basket shoes

Reebok D-Factor II box

Reebok D-Factor II sole

Reebok CXT Plus

Reebok CXT Plus Training Shoes

White leather training shoes by Reebok.
CXT Plus with energy return system.
2-5032 serial number.
Made in Taiwan ROC.
Were born in 1990. SWAG of that time!
Check the latest version CXT ll.

Reebok CXT Plus vintage

Reebok CXT Plus training shoe

Reebok CXT Plus kicks

Reebok CXT Plus trainer

Reebok CXT Plus sole

Reebok CXT Plus box

Reebok Cliff Hanger Mid

Reebok Cliff Hanger Mid Basket Shoe 1995

Mid top trainers by Reebok.
Black suede lace-up.
Maroon small Reebok logo.
Made in 1990s.

Reebok Cliff Hanger Mid top

Reebok Cliff Hanger Mid sneakers

Reebok Cliff Hanger Mid basket shoes

Reebok Cliff Hanger Mid 1995 kicks

Reebok Cliff Hanger Mid 1995 hitop

Reebok Boulevard II

Reebok Boulevard II Basket Shoes

One of examples from great Blacktop series by Reebok.
White-black-blue-grey leather Boulevard 2 with yellowing sole.
ART 4-824.
Made in Korea in early 1990s.
Enjoy other Reebok Blacktops on our site.

Reebok Boulevard II mid top

Reebok Boulevard 2

Reebok Boulevard II vintage

Reebok Boulevard II trainer

Reebok Boulevard II basketball

Reebok Boulevard II sole

Reebok Boulevard II box

Reebok Boulevard II kicks

Reebok Boulevard II

Reebok Boulevard II basket shoes

Reebok Blur

Reebok Blur Low Fitness Shoes

Men Fitness line by Reebok.
Leather trainers of white, navy and astro green colors.
Hexalite inside outsoles.
2-27795 articul number.
Middle of 90s I suggest.
Made in thailand.

Reebok Blue Low Fitness training shoe

Reebok Blue Low Fitness kicks

Reebok Blue Low Fitness trainer

Reebok Blue Low Fitness shoes

Reebok Blue Low Fitness kicks

Reebok Blue Low Fitness sole

Reebok Blue Low Fitness box

Reebok AXT Plus Lo

Reebok AXT Plus Low Top

Low version of famous Reebok AXT.
SN 2-4853.
White leather with black panels.
Middle yellowing outsole.
Made in Taiwan.
Other kinds of Reebok AXT:

Reebok AXT Plus Low sneakers

Reebok AXT Plus Low kicks

Reebok AXT Plus Low training shoes

Reebok AXT Plus Low trainer

Reebok AXT Plus Low top

Reebok AXT Plus Low sole

Reebok AXT Plus Low box

Reebok AXT Plus ad vintage

Reebok Aurora

Reebok Aurora Mid Trainer

These kicks are named Aurora Md.
Reebok Men Fitness line.
Leather and nylon, black and white.
Nice for trainings or tennis for example.
SN 2-22883.
Made in Indonesia.

Reebok Aurora Mid vintage

Reebok Aurora Mid kicks

Reebok Aurora training shoe

Reebok Aurora Mid trainer

Reebok Aurora Mid sole

Reebok Aurora Mid box