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Turntec Runner

Turntec Vintage Runners

Perfect runner by Turntec in blue suede and light blue mesh. Serial number is TM 561A. I think they were made in late 80s or early 90s. Classic design of running shoes in those times.

Turntec Runner kicks

Turntec Runner blue

Turntec Runner kicks

Turntec Runner 80s

Turntec Runner vintage

Turntec Runners

Turntec Running shoes

Turntec Runner box

Turntec Runner sole

Turntec Runner

Turntec White Low Top

Turntec White Low Top Trainer

Court shoes in white leather. Were made in late 90s by Turntec.

Turntec White Low Top trainer

Turntec White Low Top shoes

Turntec White Low Top

Turntec White Low Top sole

Turntec Tennis

Turntec Tennis Shoe

Pure black leather tennis shoes by Turntec. Early 2000s I suggest.

Turntec Tennis low top

Turntec Running Shoe

Turntec Running Shoes

This model is named Turntec Blast. Women runners with white mesh and sylver leather. Ideal choive for running and walking.

Turntec Running Shoes low top

Turntec Running Shoes

Turntec Running Shoes

Turntec Running Shoes sole

Turntec Running Shoes box

Turntec Newport

Turntec Newport Court Shoes

Leather trainer for tennis in white and grey leather. Maybe them are not the most fashion but they are low cost. Check them on eBay.

Turntec Newport trainer

Turntec Newport kicks

Turntec Newport tennis shoe

Turntec Hiking Boots

Turntec Outdoor Hiking Boots

Used hikers by Turntec in beige nubuck with navy stash. Late 90s style.

Turntec Hiking Boots vintage

Turntec Hiking Boots

Turntec Hiker

Turntec Hiking Boots

Great Turntec hikers in brown and khaki colorway. Very massive and safe trekking boots.

Turntec Hiking outdoor

Turntec Hiker hitop

Turntec Hiker boot

Turntec Hiker sole