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Umbro Milton

Umbro Milton Trainer

Famous low tops by Umbro named Milton.
A lot of different styles, materials and colorways.
Everyone can choose his best!
I prefer the baby blue ones, what about you?
Check eBay for more Umbro Milton

Umbro Milton trabs

Umbro Milton sneaker

Umbro Milton lace up

Umbro Milton kicks

Umbro Milton low top

Umbro Milton shoes

Umbro Milton trainer

Umbro Oldham

Umbro Oldham Shoes

Classic 5-eye shoes by Umbro footwear.
Rubber sole and canvas uppers with suede nose.
Some other multicolored variations.

Umbro Oldham trainer

Umbro Oldham kicks

Umbro Oldham trainee

Umbro Oldham low top

Umbro Rider

Umbro Rider Keds

Low top keds shoe.
High Umbro quality.
Some different materials and colorways are available.
Pick them on eBay

Umbro Rider shoes

Umbro Rider sneaker

Umbro Rider trainer

Umbro Rider low

Umbro Twang CVS

Umbro Twang CVS Low Top

Cute light low top shoes by Umbro.
Black, beige and white colorway.
Rubber sole with canvas uppers.

Umbro Twang CVS kicks

Umbro Twang CVS

Umbro Twang CVS trainer

Umbro Kingston

Umbro Kingston Kicks

Classic leather low top shoes by Umbro.
Will be great with jeans or shorts.
Available in white and black colorways.
Try to find them on eBay and official Umbro stores.

Umbro Kingston sneaker

Umbro Kingston low top

Umbro Kingston shoes

Umbro Kingston trainer

Umbro Gremio II

Umbro Gremio II Low Top

Gremio is a popular football club in Brasil.
Also Umbro has a model with this name.
Gremio II is a low top kicks made of quality leather.
you can buy them in white, black and brown colorways.
Found them on Ebay, check it.

Umbro Gremio II training shoe

Umbro Gremio II trainer

Umbro Gremio II white

Umbro Glide

Umbro Glide Trainer

The first colorway you can buy on eBay.
Umbro Glide brown on ebay.
The black ones are very clever made and I think all of them were sold.
Great leather sneakers.

Umbro Glide low top

Umbro Glide shoes