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WeSC Thorpe

WeSC Thorpe Trainers

Cute low top trainee by WeSC.
Swedish style in details!
Fresh design, great for summer.
Blue, grey, black, maroon and red colorways are available on Ebay or official store http://wesc.com/

WeSC Thorpe shoes

WeSC Thorpe sneaker

WeSC Thorpe kicks

WeSC Thorpe

WeSC Thorpe trainer

WeSC Thorpe

WeSC Thorpe low top

WeSC Hagelin

WeSC Hagelin Mid Cut

Serious mid top shoes by swedish brand WeSC.
True spirit of Stockholm.
Leather, suede and wool uppers.
Some different colorways and styles.
Choose your best one!

WeSC Hagelin shoe

WeSC Hagelin trainer

WeSC Hagelin top

WeSC Hagelin sneaker

WeSC Hagelin mid

WeSC Hagelin kicks

WeSC Hagelin

WeSC Emerson

WeSC Emerson Low Cut Shoe

Stockholm fashion brand WeSC presents low top model named Emerson.
Maybe they named in memory of brazilian football player Emerson Ferreira, lol :)
Classic skateboarding shoes for teens.

WeSC Emerson trabs

WeSC Emerson lo

WeSC Emerson shoe

WeSC Emerson sneaker

WeSC Emerson trainer

WeSC Emerson low top

WeSC Clopton

WeSC Clopton Trainer

Full leather low top shoes.
Lace up sneakers on classic rubber sole.
Maroon, black, white and khaki colors.
Look for WeSC Clopton on eBay

WeSC Clopton shoes

WeSC Clopton sneakers

WeSC Clopton low top

WeSC Clopton trainers

WeSC Clopton khaki

WeSC Ashe

WeSC Ashe Kicks

Tennis style low tops by WeSC.
I like almost all stuff they made.
These shoes are cute and made of quality leather.
White or brown colorways are available.

WeSC Ashe low cut

WeSC Ashe low top

WeSC Ashe trainer

WeSC Ahab

WeSC Ahab Mid Top

Fashion deck mid yop by WeSC.
Uppers are made of leather, suede and canvas.
A lot of colorways.
Search for WeSC Ahab on eBay

WeSC Ahab shoe

WeSC Ahab

WeSC Ahab mid cut

WeSC Ahab sneakers

WeSC Ahab trainer

WeSC Ahab

WeSC Ahab mid

WeSC Ahab kicks

WeSC SS 2011

WeSC Spring-Summer 2011 preview

WeSC footwear

WeSC SS 2011

WeSC SS 2011

WeSC SS 2011 collaction