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Turntec Golf Shoe

Turntec Golf Shoes

There are two colorways of classic golf shoes by Turntec footwear. Pure white leather and white brown leather.

Turntec Golf Shoes

Turntec Golf Shoe training

Turntec Golf Shoe trainer

Turntec Golf Shoe

Turntec Golf Shoe sole

Turntec Blast

Turntec Blast Runners

It’s a Turntec Blast model which is good for running, playing tennis or GYM. Classic design of sport shoes by Turntec.

Turntec Blast sneaker

Turntec Blast runners

Turntec Blast trainer

Turntec Blast kicks

Reebok D-Factor Low

Reebok D-Factor Trainer

Legendary D-Factors in white leather with black and purple. ATR technology. Low version of this model is very rare so it’s too hard to find them on eBay or somewhere else.

Reebok D-factor Low top shoe

Reebok D-factor Low trainers

Reebok D-factor Low training shoes

Reebok D-factor Low

Reebok D-factor Low sneakers

Reebok D-factor Low kicks

Reebok D-factor Low

Reebok D-factor Low sole

Reebok Isolator

Reebok Isolator Basket Shoes

One of Above The Rims named Reebok Isolator. White-black-purple-orange colorway. Good quality leather from 1990s. Serial number is 4-22683. Made in China.

Reebok Isolator basketball

Reebok Isolator trainer

Reebok Isolator basket shoe

Reebok Isolator sneakers

Reebok Isolator kicks

Reebok Isolator sole

Reebok Isolator box

Reebok The Boulevard

Reebok The Boulevard Black Kicks

The Boulevard Blacktop by Reebok in black leather with grey panels. Came from the 90s. ART 4-8135. Hexalite system. Sometimes you can find this model in various colorways on ebay for ~200$.

Reebok The Boulevard Black basket shoes

Reebok The Boulevard Black kicks

Reebok The Boulevard Black sneakers

Reebok The Boulevard Black sole

Reebok The Boulevard Black box

Reebok SXT Energy Return

Reebok SXT Energy Return Basket Shoes

White grey black SXT with energy return system. SN 2-4458. Reebok cross training technology, comfort strap and yellowing make them so vintage, so 90s classic!

Reebok SXT Energy Return sneakers

Reebok SXT Energy Return hitop

Reebok SXT Energy Return basket shoes

Reebok SXT Energy Return trainers

Reebok SXT Energy Return kicks

Reebok SXT Energy Return sole

Reebok SXT Energy Return box

Reebok Supreme Lo Syn

Reebok Supreme Lo Syn Trainer

Black nubuck with white Reebok logo fitness shoes. Serial number 2-26438. They was made in China in early 90s.

Reebok Supreme Lo Syn training shoes

Reebok Supreme Lo Syn low top

Reebok Supreme Lo Syn kicks

Reebok Supreme Lo Syn trainer

Reebok Supreme Lo Syn sole

Reebok Supreme Lo Syn box