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Reebok Stamina

Reebok Stamina Low

Reebok Athletic Element series. Black suede kicks with white details. Made in Thailand in 90s. SN is 32-23437. Outsole with hexalite system.

Reebok Stamina training shoe

Reebok Stamina trainer

Reebok Stamina lo

Reebok Stamina box

Reebok Stamina Mid Top

Reebok Stamina hitop

Reebok Stamina basket shoes

Reebok Stamina mid top

Reebok Stamina kicks

Reebok Stamina mid

Reebok Stamina sole

Reebok Stamina box

Reebok Softball Mid

Reebok Softball Mid Cleats

Men mid top cleats for softball. Model is called Reebok Bsb Md. nice for baseball playing. Black leather with white Reebok stripes. Classic 12 spikes on outsole. Articul number 18-22503. Made in Indonesia.

Reebok baseball shoes

Reebok Softball Mid spikes

Reebok Softball Mid trainer

Reebok Softball Mid kicks

Reebok Softball Mid sole

Reebok Softball Mid box

Reebok Slice Tennis

Reebok Slice Tennis Shoes

Women court low top. White canvas with navy. Model is named Slice USA. Made in 90s.

Reebok Slice Tennis trainer

Reebok Slice Tennis low top

Reebok Slice Tennis court shoes

Reebok Slice Tennis sole

Reebok Slice Tennis box

Reebok Sir Jam Vintage

Reebok Sir Jam Basket Shoes

Basketball high top shoes by Reebok. this colorway of Sir Jam is white with grey panels. SN 4-5073. Made in Taiwan.

Reebok Sir Jam hitops

Reebok Sir Jam basketball

Reebok Sir Jam sole

Reebok Sir Jam kicks

Reebok Sir Jam box

Reebok Showtime

Reebok Showtime High Top

Came from 1988. Reebok ERS tech with energy return system. White leather with navy and black. Made in Korea, SN is 4-4804. Classic basketball hitop from the 90s.

Reebok Showtime vintage

Reebok Showtime hitop

Reebok Showtime sneakers

Reebok Showtime basket shoes

Reebok Showtime kicks

Reebok Showtime trainer

Reebok Showtime box

Reebok Shaq Ataq 1992

Reebok Shaq Ataq 1992 Black

Black-blue leather basket kicks inspired by Shaquille O’Neal. Made 1992 in Korea.

Reebok Shaq Ataq 1992 mid top

Reebok Shaq Ataq 1992 basket shoes

Reebok Shaq Ataq 1992 sneakers

Reebok Shaq Ataq 1992 kicks

Reebok Shaq Ataq 1992 sole

Reebok Shaq Ataq 1992 label

Reebok Righteous

Reebok Righteous Training Shoes

The beginning of Reebok Righteous line, it’s the firts release of trainers with this name by Reebok. Black-white leather-nubuck. Hexalite syst. SN 2-26440, made in Thailand in early 90s.

Reebok Righteous kicks

Reebok Righteous low top

Reebok Righteous trainer

Reebok Righteous sneakers

Reebok Righteous sole

Reebok Righteous box